Blue eyes


The ladies scurried at the door of the event; they were excited to meet the guest speaker. She had just converted a week ago and had invited the women of the community to an event she was hosting. The girls walked in clicking in their heels and fixing their make-up.

They expected a celebrity looking revert sister to come on stage, she wouldn’t have worn the Hijab yet they assumed. The sisters in the audience began asking each other if the revert sister would share her partying and promiscuous fuelled lifestyle with them. They themselves had bangles along their arms and upon their heads layed layers of scarves- they were fashionably dressed to impress and looked amazing.

Upon the stage arrived a woman covered head to door in a loose and opaque abaya, her blue eyes gleamed through the veil she wore. She ascended the stairs in a humble manner, her flat shoes rarely made noise. She paused for a few seconds then lifted her veil to reveal her Caucasian skin tone, she smiled timidly because she knew that she was not what they expected.

“My sisters.. she begins..

‘I ask you here today to beg you to have mercy upon the new Muslims. The non-Muslims will never accept you until you leave your religion and become one of them.

You run around trying to live their lives but merely you are just slurping up the vomit they puke out.

Stand in a crowded shopping center or on busy London road.

Stand and imagine it is the day of Reckoning and these people are fleeing for their lives and you are the only one holding onto flag of Islam. My beautiful sisters, when I reverted and went home wearing a loose abaya and a black scarf’ my family insulted me! You are extreme they say. Have you not seen the Muslim girls of today? They wear skirts and jeans with a scarf wrapped on their head and they expose their necks. You have just turned to Islam and you wear what the extremists wear.

She paused as if to catch her breath, she gazed ahead a second as if she was reminiscing that moment.
Smiling, she continued..’Wearing such style of ‘hijab’ sisters you have made it hard upon us to cover properly. Those who wear black and loose clothing’s are considered extreme because of such the poisoned that has leaked in from the western fashion society.’

She coughed clearing her throat; placing her veil upon her face once again, she left in the manner she had entered with.

Descending down the stairs, her shoes rarely made noise-

The silence of the room hushed behind her as she walked onto the busy London streets- nobody with her but her Lord.

(Based on a real interview but wrote it in a story format)


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