He never forgets, not even for a moment.


Oh My Lord, hearts are at unrest when they are far from You.
The eyes have lost their vision when they no longer recognise Your Might.
When I moved away from Your Noor it as if the moon had lost it’s glow, the stars shimmered no longer and the sun had been diminished of it’s rays.

When I abandoned You my comfy slumber turned into a bed of thorns and all my life I had lived only to realise that within my body was a dead soul.

Teach me to love Oh Possessor of hearts- turn this dusty qalb towards You.

We fill our hearts with everything but Allāh and we expect not to fall apart?

You raised our status and made us the best of creation and Musa عليه السلام wept, pleading to You to grant him this nation but You declared they are the ummah of Ahmad, #Muhammed ﷺ – what other nation had been granted Your Book? What other ummah inherited the sunnah? In hope that we will be the greatest, outnumbering the rest of the previous creation.

On Yawm’ulQiyamah, Your Nabi صلى الله عليه وسلم had saved his wish- He will not raise his head from sujood until His Lord grants intercession for the reckoning to commence and while the whole of mankind worries about themselves, the Beloved of Allāh ﷺ will be screaming ‘Ummati, Ummati!’ [My Ummah! My ummah]

He had loved us before we were born but my Lord You cherished us before existence and You created us so we may be grateful and You made us a Jannah to dwell in forever.

You never break your promise Allāh, Your word is true so why have I broken my promise again and again to You?
You’ve bestowed Your mercy repeatedly and I return to You empty-handed greedily.

Save me Allāh from myself, I seek refuge in You from all that is not true.
Love me My Lord, I’ve forgotten how to ~ Call to Your Lord like the last survivor in a desert; he walks the earth endlessly for salvation but finds peace when he realises that nothing can aid him except Allah – when you possess nothing, you will remember Allāh whereas Allāh is everything and has everything yet He never forgets you.


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