Weep much and laugh little


“O followers of Muhammad! By Allah, if you knew what I know, you would weep much and laugh little.”
[Sahih al-Bukhāri, Vol. 8, 627]

Many have grieved after losing their loved ones and others have wept when their lovers had left them.
Some weep when feeling lonely and others cry after failure befalls them.
And then there are those who lament over trivial issues, did it occur to them ever to cry over their sins?

As if they are saving their tears for the day that no weeping will benefit. A day in which tears will flow enough to sail ships but not enough to extinguish the fire of Jahannam.

The day in which no tears will create sympathy in another’s heart but the stream that seeps down your face will only cause the gate keeper of hell to say,

“If you only had turned to Him when your tears were considered as repentance but alas you have arrived in a dreary destination and the fire that burns beneath your feet is just as how your evil deeds burnt any good you did.”

A day in which blood runs instead and the laughter they once were consumed in becomes a distance memory.

If you weep then weep in fear and for forgiveness. Weep as if you were promised Jahanam, the tears that will intercede are those of the regretful sinner – he commits such deeds and when he becomes sober from being drunk from the waswasa of the shaytaan- he realises the status of the One he has committed such injustices against.

Weep as if you are promised the deepest pit of the hellfire and you are the only one. Where are those who became grieved when the looked upon the haraam? Where are those who became consumed with guilt after committing wrong?

Will anyone cry?

Will no one shed a tear for what they have done?

However mankind continues to be unaware; he brings his own firewood to the flames and he rejoices in the darkness of the night at the little sparks he has managed to ignite.

Foolishness has caused him to not realise that he is the one who kindles his own fire and that he has paved an easy path for himself into eternal unspeakable horror.

Oh a day will come when the heedless will scream, “Another chance my Lord, I beg of you to return me to the earth,”

Oh how voices that day will be faded and unheard~ you’ve kindled your own flames, this was your own doing- your sins were like the wood you collected and you burnt up your eeman and it went up in ashes so now you are surprised regarding your eternal abode?

Did you not subconsciously choose Jahannam over your Lord?

He had given you your whole life to search after Him- a clear straight path but you were caught up in a maze. A labyrinth of disaster you created for yourself~ and you were proud upon proud to your mischievous ways.

– We came across a hadith in lesson today and it mentioned that after the righteous people have passed away, the sinners would be left and Allāh will turn away and forget about them.

This brought such sorrow to our hearts- if Your Lord turns away then you have not been neglected rather you neglected His call- the door of mercy remains ever open but only if you proceed to continuously knock upon it.

Allāh is waiting for your repentance oh strewn souls- Allāh says in Al-Qur’an to Muhammed ﷺ

“When my servants ask about me..”

He سبحانه وتعالى says ‘when’ not ‘if’ there is no doubt that one will return to His lord, be it during his lifetime- oh the fortunate ones! Or at the time after his death and these are the unlucky individuals..

…tell them that I am surely near.”

He is near and responsive but you, you ran away from Him and in reality you are just running towards him and when your grave is ready to accept you, you will meet him with the firewood you have collected for the flames.


2 thoughts on “Weep much and laugh little

  1. SeekerOfTheBeloved

    I’m absolutely in love with your beautiful posts and always checking to see if you’ve posted anything new! I especially loved this reminder and when you speak about your studies. May Allah reward you, for all your efforts, Ameen.

    1. Bint'AbdulJabbar Post author

      Aaah 😳 I’m so glad you like them sis! Honestly it’s nothing, just random thoughts put to the page~ may Allāh allow me to act upon firstly to any naseeha shared and may Allāh reward you abundantly 💓 ameen thumma ameen


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