Shattered shards

I adore every time my heart breaks and when calamity hits me not once, not twice but thrice I feel compelled to fall unto my knees in full submission.

When you had afflicted Your Beloved صلى الله عليه وسلم with sorrows and starvation~ he found recluse under an abandoned tree, invoking you and he blamed himself for the attitude of man. You showered Your infinite blessings upon him like the rain that hits a place of drought and You honoured him with the miraculous night journey.

When you had decreed for Yusuf عليه السلام to reside many years in a lowly cell~ betrayed by his own flesh and blood- he spent so many years away from his hometown, forgotten in the depth of darkness but then You ennobled him and every heart that met him fell in love.

When Musa عليه السلام fled from Egypt and he reached Maydan in desperate desperation~ like the lone survivor with just the rags on his back – You protected him like you always do~ granted him rizq, livelihood, a family, a wife. You spoke to him, you raised his status and he was given the name kaleemullah. On Mount Tur he responded to You and on the day of judgment he will awake clutching the leg of Your throne.

Oh My Lord, you test us in many ways and enduring these hardships have always paved a path back to You.

Then why is it that you have pushed Your Lord to arms-length yet you hold your loved ones in a tight embrace?

You’ve become so far away from The Lord- does not the distance made the heart grow fonder? Does not the heart ache for something greater?
What a foolish heart! Why has it not chosen to fall in love with the Most Divine instead? Why has not every thought become consumed?
Why is the mind not jealous of the heart who has the honour to place the Lord therein and why is the heart not jealous of the mind who has been deemed worthy to think of nothing but Him. When will this distance cause you to drink from the cup of love? Surely your thirst cannot be quenched as you are not even aware of the status of the one most deserving of your heart.

~ These reminders you’ve left, they are not mere words – lessons of our legends, stories of our past and Allāh does not waste the efforts of the righteous.

It is You who inspires our heart towards You with no effort of our own- and Oh Lord I’ve realised the distance between us only grew because I had taken a wrong path and became lost in my ways. When I returned doors where open in places where I thought was no escape.

Oh Beloved of mine, I have endured many heartbreaks and my distress has become too heavy to bear; will this pain end at my grave?

Do not let me seek you with a heart you deem impure but wrap me in Your remembrance so that I may taste the sweetness of Your worship. Oh Lord who has made honey desirable to the bees, make Your mention sweet upon my tongue and a solution to my needs.

‘Allāh is with those whose hearts are torn.’

Shackled, broken, ripped ~ this is Your Lord oh servants of Allāh – He can mend the shattered shards of your soul..

He makes possible the once impossible 💙



One thought on “Shattered shards

  1. Rifath Tasnim

    Oh subhanAllah this had me in tears (on the tube)! Allah does not waste time on the righteous; and we be from amongst them.May Allah reward you immensely! xxxxx


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