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Wisdom and tea ✨


I loved spending time with my elderly grandfather because through his ramblings, rants and rather obscene jokes I always end up learning life lessons, lessons that I would never have learnt elsewhere.

Whenever my grandad finished a meal he would raise his hands in an exaggerated fashion and would praise Allah immensely in such a way that it was as if he was about to die and this meal had just saved him ~ in a way I guess it was kind of true.

I would laugh teasingly saying that he was was so modestly greedy and that his grateful du’a made it seem like he’s never eaten before this day.

He picked up on my teasing one day, he smiled showing me all his false teeth- the teeth in which he took great pride in taking out and scaring me with when I was just a young girl.

“I’m not the crazy man you always assume me to be,’ he started.

Getting himself comfy in his wooden armchair, my grandfather turned to me and continued,

“If you really want something, something so dear to you, things you want for a long time, things that bring you so much joy and pleasure then make great effort to awake for Tahhajud prayer for if you do not ask Allah then why should He grant you anything?

When I was growing up in my hometown famine was common and starvation was widespread. Living in an economically developed country like this you will never understand the pangs of hunger, never would you be able to feel what the poor and less fortunate people of my country had felt. Sure you can sympathise but you will not realise the true blessings of food until it nearly caused you to die going without.

For forty nights I woke up before Fajr ~ pleading Allah in the darkness of the night to feed me well, to sustain me and to never let me go hungry till the day I die. Throughout my life I’ve suffered many tribulations and ordeals, I’ve experienced much difficulty but never have I once became hungry and was not satiated soon after. Allah has provided me with the best of foods all my life and till this day my tastebuds have not diminished so that is why I thank Allah greatly after every meal.”

He beamed after he finished speaking to me and then he walked off quietly ~ I could hear the soft dhikr from his lips as he plodded out of the room.
Never have I heard the remembrance of Allāh so beautifully uttered, so gratefully said.

He had a habit of just leaving me there by myself pondering over one of our talks~

Ask Allah for everything, even if it is only a shoelace, because if Allah does not make it easy, then it will not be possible.
– A’isha رضي الله عنها

I know that every each and every day my stomach will be filled to it’s content and I will never go hungry but shouldn’t that make me more thankful for such a bounty from Allāh?

Should I not marvel at His mercy and kindness that He has provided for me without me even asking?

Why has it never crossed my mind that He can so easily take this blessing away just as He has given it so effortlessly?

Ask Allah for things you are so sure will never leave your side, ask Him for even the smallest of things because if Allah has not made it possible then you will never be able to attain it even if it is between the tips of your fingertips.

Ya Allah we are dependent on You and unto You we place our trust. We are not sufficed until You suffice us and we were not saved until You chose to save us. I’ve asked for many things but today I have come to Your door and I glorify You with all Your most perfect attributes~ Oh how you are free from any want from anyone however for us- all that we need and want is You.