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A strange outlook


I use to see these niqabi sisters around and I use to wonder how they did it.

I wondered how they could cover their face yet walk around so confidently despite the disapproved looks on passerby.

I thought to myself that niqab is okay for them I suppose but for me? Noo, not needed.

I saw many sisters in hijab who would only gain respect if they behaved appropriately, I saw the niqabi sisters who gained respect to the extent that it looked as if people were scared of them. Dressed in full black and her face void of any make-up my friend tells me in distress how boys were hooting at her from an open window of a car despite her wearing a larger than life abaya. It occurred to me that the headscarf and abaya ~ well it was losing it’s value due to the behaviour of some but what about the niqabi sister? Would men hoot from cars for her? Yes they would but only to scream racist remarks and mock her.

The niqabi sister looked like a stranger in her own world, brave enough to hide her identity, brave enough to be mocked and jeered at by ignorant people.

The niqabi sister did not feel that she was ugly when she recieved no attention at all, her self-esteem did not diminish.

She felt that everyone treated her as if she was invisable. The thing about niqab is that it acts as a superpower’ it will not allow her to free-mix in a the workplace/college or school frankly because the niqab screams out ‘I wear a niqab!’ It does not allow her to adorn herself with fancy clothes and make-up outside because it just doesn’t make sense.

The niqab did not allow her to take pictures of her beauty online because it just wouldn’t make sense and the niqab would not allow her to enter such places like shisha cafes because it just wouldn’t make sense.

But to that sister her niqab made sense. A niqabi sister faces the biggest fight for her naffs but you cannot see, she fights the shaytaan but it cannot be seen just like her face. The outward obvious sins are prevented by the niqab but her inner self is always in battle with her flaws. The niqabi sister wanted to go that extra mile and there is nothing wrong with that. Many hijabi and non hijabi sisters mock her and start refuting her. The niqabi sister just knows that if she were to die covered in this state she may be raised with the ummatul’momeenin (the mother of the believers) they also covered in this way but more and they are her inspiration and motivation.

Many wonder why the daleel has not been posted to support the niqab but the fact of the matter is…there is no need to quote to me the hadiths, Qur’anic ayahs and the opinions regarding what category the niqab falls under..sunnah, wajib or fardh because in my earnest opinion- I wear it to please Him alone. 💕


Uthaman رضي الله عنه loved Qur’an. ✨

The above verse is one of my favorite verses in the Qu’ran and however every line of ayat’ullah is amazing and the Quran is magnificant in itself.

The reason why this line brings such tears to my eyes is because of how it relates to the demise of Uthman رضي الله عنه

Uthman bin’Affan رضي الله عنه nearer to the end of his life- his enemies were many who were conspiring against him. They took advantage of his calm and tolerate nature and they planned to assasinate him. Ali رضي الله عنه sent his sons Al Hasan and Al Husain رضي الله عنهما to defend him. Az Zubair رضي الله عنه send his son Abdullah and other Sahabas sent their sons for the same purpose but the rebels climbed the walls and trespassed into his house.

Uthman رضي الله عنه was reciting the Qu’ran that he loved so much. As he was reading in utmost calmness and tranquility, they attacked him;~ his beloved wife tried to intervene but the brave woman lost a few fingers in the process. Uthman رضي الله عنه died with the mushaf in his hand. When they struck him his pure blood fell onto the beloved pages of the Noble Qu’ran which he treasured so much- his blood splatterd on the verse,

‘And Allah will suffice you against them.’

Thus was the end of one of the greatest of men that ever lived~ the night before his assassination, Uthman رضي الله عنه dreamt of the Prophet ﷺ, the noble messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم has said to him,

“Be strong! Verily you shall break your fast with us tomorrow night.” 💕

SubhanAllah, surely Allah is the most magnificant and All-power belongs to Him. Only he who is close to Allah would die with Qalam’ullah upon his tongue. ❤

Uthman رضي الله عنه was killed on 18th of Dhul-Hijjah the year 35 AH, and was buried at Al Baqi; he was 82 years old.


Oh brothers and sisters who are suffering at the hands of the tyrant and the cowards~ verily Allāh will suffice you against them! Their armies will crumble, their powers will fall and they will scatter like lost sheep- oh people of Allāh, oh beloved of Allāh! May the help of Allāh descend! Victory will come, Allāh will suffice you against them!

(Brief notes from the biography of Uthman رضي الله عنه)

The wild and the wasted


Abdullah is in the car with his boys~ they’ve been riding down the same block again and again; for them it was a typical friday night. He fiddles with the stereo wondering what his friends would think if he started playing Quranic recitation. It soothed him in the most darkest of times- he didn’t go out his way to listen to it but that one time when his little sister played Surah- Rahman on youtube; man that was enough to blow him away.

They’d laugh he thought, tease him endlessly they would. He knew exactly what his best friend Khalid would say,

‘Oryt Mr Molvi, you do all that dodgy business but now you want to turn all holy and that?’

~ Abdullah grinned at his mates messing about in the back seat, he puts on loud RNB music and the boys rapped along screaming through the windows.

‘You know what brav, play this chunnne at my funeral yh.’

Their laughter erupted but little did they know how true this statement become.


Aysha didn’t want to meet him anymore; she promised herself again and again that this would be the end.


Every time she saw him he had all the answers, all these plans, all these excuses.

‘I’ll tell my parents soon yeah? I promise babe I will.’

He always had a way with words and she fell for it every single time even though guilt would eat away at her the moment she went home.

She spent the night at his house and he convinced her to let him; he reassured her that she will become his wife anyway, that he loved her.

She asks him to drop her home after but he said the world cup was on so he half-heartedly kisses her on the cheek and sends her to the door.

She walks home in the dark clutching her coat tightly around her, she recalls what she did and she feels disgusted and dead, a part of her died tonight. She can’t breath when she realises she did the one thing she promised herself she’ll never do, she leans against a lamppost ready to be sick and then an asian boy runs past knocking her onto the road.

She swears at him but he can’t hear her. She can hear loud music as a car speeds towards her, they try and swerve away but the boys are drunk and out of their senses.


Musa is back on the streets, he promised his mum that he had gone on the straight and narrow but the street life is so addictive.

It’s not something you can just give up besides he’s got respect on the roads; that until he see’s some rival members in a car, they see him too no doubt and they speed up.

Their idea of a sick joke- chasing him and laughing.


Musa runs. No way is he going deal with them without his boys. He barges into an asian girl who’s leaning beside a lamppost and she falls onto the road. She’s saying something, but he can’t hear her over the music blurring out from the speeding car.

The tyres suddenly screech to a halt and the street lamp falls.

The lamp’s light dims to nothing, the sound of sirens approach 15 minutes later.

There are gasps of shock as the people start to come out of their houses, some trying to comfort their children from the horrific scene as others try to help revive the injured.

Pronounced dead on scene,’ the paramedic mutters.

‘How many,’ the police officer takes his pen out.

‘Well there was five in the car and another body of a young asian boy found a couple meters away and also the body of a young asian female..’

The residents gather around, shaking and trembling behind the police tape.

There’s no sound apart from a broken stereo’ replaying the track of an RNB song over and over again.


كل نفس ذائقة الموت

[Kulu nafsin dha iqatul mawt]

The death that we run from is eagerly seeking us. Every step we take it lurks in the shadows waiting for the moment that the Master of the heavens and the earth gives orders to seize this soul.

In that moment whatever you are engaged in sin or ibadah, every soul will return to his Supreme Creator.

What will our last moments on earth be and how will we spend them?

Tread on the earth carefully because it will seem like forever when we are lying under it.

Lying, tortured, screaming in agonising pain if the path we took in this is worldly life was of disobedience.

Every soul shall taste dead.