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Rejoice for what could have been if it were willed by The Al-Mighty Allah.

Look to the one who is mute and not one sound ever escapes his tongue till the day he dies. He was never able to taste the sweetness of recitation, never was he able to speak the Qalam of Allah but you were given that ability yet you chose to remain mute. You never tasted the sweetness of qirat and therefore you were mute till you entered your grave.

You see he that was born without the sense of hearing, he would look upon the Qur’an and his ears would ache to hear the recitation of His Lord. How he would stand in prayer and in the depths of his silent he would cry but he cannot even hear the choking of his voice, the drops of his tears.

You who stands in salah today, your mind occupied in worldly thoughts- never did you attempt to listen to the words of Allah for if you had you would have gained the sense of hearing but you chose to give it away. You live your life deafened by your own desires and the moment you regain your hearing is when you are questioned in your grave.

You whose legs fail to carry you to the prayer mat and whose hands tremble at the thought of raising them when glorifying Your Lord- Allahu Akbar! الله اكبر

Fear the day wherein Your Lord in all His Excellence appears before you and the whole of mankind falls to their knees because they cannot handle His Majesty and you, you will struggle onto the ground but your legs remain stiff and your back breaks due to the effort.

The Qur’an is a love letter sent from Your Lord and within contains the eighth wonder of the world.

A challenge set for those to copy and compare and to alternate but in vain they despair.

The direct speech of Your Lord, safeguarded and Allah promises that He himself will protect His book till the very end.

But has not His servants protected the verses within their hearts? For we ask is it protected like carvings upon a stone or writings upon sand?

Oh people do not adorn the Qur’an with the sounds of your voices while your hearts remain empty from the beauty of the verses. 💕



Oh rascal children..


Just come back.

I do not mind your chitter chatter on the empty streets at the break of dawn~ nor the mischievous ways you would demand more sweets from the man behind the counter.

I do not mind you cluttering up the roads, rolling around in your best kameez in the puddles of winter before the spring.

Running out your homes after your mid-day lunch and throwing marbles across the floor. I do not mind you chalking the grounds and crowding the streets, making me late for work.

O children of Gazza I do not mind when you hide behind a wall, inside a bush, laying effortlessly still in order to not be caught in a game of hide and seek.

Oh children of Gazza,
Where are you now?

We find you under rubbles and under ruins laying effortlessly still.

Only this time you hid not from a game of hide and seek but from all the pain, air strikes and the marching boots of soldiers hoping never to be sought.

– Bint’Abdul Jabbar.

Musa عليه وسلم was kaleemullah✨

I came into class one morning pretty early and found it to be empty, a sister from the older years sat near me keeping me company. We had become quite good friends despite never seeing each other much, I guess that’s the thing with Maddressah~ you just get comfortable with anyone and every student.

She grinned at me and said,

‘It’s really sunny today nas, I was just telling Allāh,’

‘Sorry um, excuse me?’

‘Yeah I was just walking down the street and talking to Allāh, it nice you should try it.’

‘Oh okay, I will…’ 😕 I said as I was piling books onto the bench preparing for the first lesson.

‘Hello Allāh,’ I stammered the next morning walking down my street.

It sounded so ridiculous, I sounded so child-like to be honest. What interesting thing can I say? I mean I can make du’a but general chatter to my Creator? If anyone were to hear me now i’m pretty sure i’d be carted off to the loony bins.

Picturing myself being shackled on hospital beds and blaming the the older sister I burst out laughing~ at that moment I saw the bus indicating to leave the bustop, arrgh!

Absent mindedly I grunted and said, ‘Oh Allāh I wish I got that bus 😭,’

Of course by the qadr of Allāh the bus decided that it no longer wanted to move off but wait for me 😬

I give a special smile to this sister whenever I see her now, I just know Who made her morning because He سبحانه وتعالى makes my morning everyday, it’s a bit child-like but i don’t mind sounding silly because well, who is there better to speak to right?

When Musa عليه السلام was granted the opportunity to speak to Allāh, he started talking about his staff, how long it was and what hand he held it in 😂 clearly trying to lengthen his conversation with Allāh by saying anything! Allāh knew his intentions but Allāh loves when His servant speaks to Him, begs of Him and asks. 💫✨

So talk to Him and tell Him everything, pour out your heart and you will find that in Allāh you would have not only sought a God but also a friend.