Oh rascal children..


Just come back.

I do not mind your chitter chatter on the empty streets at the break of dawn~ nor the mischievous ways you would demand more sweets from the man behind the counter.

I do not mind you cluttering up the roads, rolling around in your best kameez in the puddles of winter before the spring.

Running out your homes after your mid-day lunch and throwing marbles across the floor. I do not mind you chalking the grounds and crowding the streets, making me late for work.

O children of Gazza I do not mind when you hide behind a wall, inside a bush, laying effortlessly still in order to not be caught in a game of hide and seek.

Oh children of Gazza,
Where are you now?

We find you under rubbles and under ruins laying effortlessly still.

Only this time you hid not from a game of hide and seek but from all the pain, air strikes and the marching boots of soldiers hoping never to be sought.

– Bint’Abdul Jabbar.


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