Monthly Archives: November 2014

You are here and I am gone.


Oh One who is not overtaken by sleep, Whose beauty manifests in the darkness; I am safely assured knowing that You are present here tonight.
Let the world sleep so I may spend time in Your reflection, let sleepy eyes rest so that it is ever silent tonight.
Leave me oh glittering sun and drape a curtain of darkness across the sky, this very moment is between my Lord and I.
Oh Lord, lift the veil I have come to see Your face, fill this moment with tranquility from the heavens, I have arrived in this blessed place.
Would You descend down to the lowest heaven and I have descended upon the creaking floor.
My very essence exists no more I am no more, I am no more.
I am only a figment of imagination at this very time, Your praise upon my tongue, Your light upon my heart.
Blast me to oblivion I will not feel the pain, I am not me no more, in Your greatness how can anything insignificant exist?
Let a ferocious fire burn inside, how did I neglect You all this time?
If I had tasted the sweetness of sweetness I would have never turned back, erase the sins, erase the flaws- I beg for forgiveness, take away the wrong, let me be reborn.
Take a breath, this moment is even shorter than that but one sincere second can remove the shackles from the inmates of hell.
I am here, and it is dark- my sight has been removed from natural light, the world is at peace and hearts are at sleep- keep me awake, favour me above those who have taken refuge in their beds.
Ignite me with ihsaan, let me believe in Your existence more than mine-this world is only a series of fleeting images and a moment can bring them to life.
I wait for this moment which brings me to life, my heart rid of every disease and corruption. A cure has come from the One above, my heart filled with nothing but love,
You are here and I am gone,
this is the moment I want You to seize my life. ❤️